Financial Giving

When you give to a local United Methodist congregation, you support ministries all over the world.  While the largest percentage of your gift supports local church ministries, a portion (called an “apportionment”) goes beyond the community to make a difference throughout the world.  You may give to the church in general or “where needed” or you may designate exactly where your funds should be applied.

If you would like to contribute to Bethany, you may do so in several ways:

  • Checks can be mailed to the church office.
  • Checks and/or cash can be placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning.
  • You can include Bethany in your on-line banking bill payments.
  • You can make donations to Bethany through your financial institution by setting up automatic recurring payments to Bethany UMC.
  • You can also make a donation using Paypal -Online Shopping

Attention:  All Online Shoppers!  Did you know you can do your online shopping and help Bethany at the same time?   Hundreds of stores will donate a percentage of your purchases to Bethany.  You don’t spend anything extra.  Sound good?  Here’s how to do it.

Follow these steps on your computer:

1.      Enter the website in your browser:

2.      Click on “Get Started.”  You then have the option to sign up with your Facebook account or to enter your email and create a password.

3.      Next you will be prompted to download the “Easy Give” button (this allows you to log-on to some shopping sites directly and it will automatically credit Bethany with the donation).

4.      Find your church.  Bethany is listed as “Bethany, Green Bay.”   When you find it, click on the green “JOIN ORGANIZATION” button. This now means your donations will go to the church or ministry you select.

If you are shopping on Amazon please see the information below relating to Amazon.

Extra Information:

UMCmarket has been vetted and proven by the United Methodist Church’s General Council of Finance and Administration.

If installed, the “Easy Give” button should pop-up on any website shopping center that you go directly to.  The pop-up does not work with all stores, one of them being Amazon.  Therefore, if you do not see the “Easy Give” button, Bethany will not be credited with your purchases.  You would have to enter that shopping website directly through the UMC  So, the safest and easiest way may be to do your shopping directly through the site.

When you use the UMCmarket site directly, and have chosen Bethany in your set-up, each retailer agrees to donate a percentage of your purchases to Bethany.  Each time Bethany reaches a total of $100 in donations, a check in that amount will be sent to Bethany.

To ensure you have designated Bethany as your ministry to your account, log in and click “MY PAGE” and choose “MY ORGANIZATIONS.” You should see your church listed there.

At the top and bottom of the website, is a heading “Stores.”  If you click on that, it will show you the hundreds of stores you can shop at and the percentage of your purchases that will be donated to Bethany.  You can also search for a store by category or alphabetically.

At the bottom of the website under a heading “About UMCmarket” is helpful information and you can read about this shopping program.  “Frequently Asked Questions” is a great place to start.

The amount of your donation will show up on your online account you’ve established.  Depending on the store, the donation is calculated after the item that you ordered is shipped. When the store acknowledges the order and donation, we will send out an email to you specifying the amount of your donation.

Amazon purchases work a little differently and are directly donated to your church from Amazon. When you do a purchase, it will appear as a donation under your church in the name of “Amazon” in or around the date the order was shipped or received by you. For a few purchases, you might receive an email from UMCmarket stating that you need to claim the purchase. You can claim it by going to “MY PAGE” on and click on “AMAZON CLAIMS.” Add the name of your item and click “SAVE” on the row with the corresponding price and your donation will soon be approved and reflected in your account. Click “NOT MINE” on purchases you don’t recognize. They are created at the same time as yours, which is the reason why they also appear. If the purchase was from a third party within Amazon it usually takes up to a 7 days until you can claim it.

Donations from travel will not show up until the travel has taken place. Please check in after your trip to see the donation to your ministry.

Again, if you do any on-line shopping, please think of helping Bethany in this way.

Thanks always for your help!