Ministry Teams

Church Administrative Council

Coordinate the church’s program and guide Ministry Teams and provide oversight for church-wide programming and administration.

  • Consider new ideas, initiatives and focuses that support overall church programming
  • Approve budget revisions and elect mid-year leaders between Charge Conferences
  • Monitor progress of the church long range plan
  • Keep informed of teams’ goals and progress toward those goals
  • Encourage opportunities for shared programming
  • Establish church calendar/room-use priorities

Ministry Teams


Ensure that our children learn about God in a safe, energized, and respectful environment.

  • For the safety of all involved in Sunday School, all teachers, leaders, and helpers have a background check that is updated regularly.
  • We practice Safe Sanctuaries – at least two teachers are in each classroom.
  • Children with cognitive or physical challenges are welcome to be a part of God’s learning.  Leaders and teachers have the training to help children learn according to their abilities.


Ensure that Bethany has the financial resources necessary to achieve its ministry goals

  • Prepare annual budget recommendation
  • Conduct annual stewardship campaign

Lay Leadership

Coordinate activities that engage church members in ministry and provide ongoing support
  • Team Member Recruitment
  • Leadership Development
  • Ministry Team Training
  • Volunteer Recruitment Systems

Staff Parish

Serve as the “human relations” arm of the church, providing for the staffing needs of the Bethany church family.


Develop a proactive maintenance and facility improvement plan and budget to provide an inviting, safe and functional facility that supports the needs of a growing church family.

Program Ministries

Adult Ministries

Develop groups and ministries in which people can explore, share, and care about the Christian journey

  • Small Groups development & support (including men, UMW, etc.)
  • New ministries for young adults
  • Coffee Fellowship
  • Special Congregational Events and Celebrations

Caring Team

Develop and monitor systems and programs of caring for members and friends, including Prayer Chain.

Children & Youth Enrichment

Encourage the spiritual awareness, knowledge, and growth of children and youth.

  • Education Ministry
  • Family Fellowship Ministry
  • Support scouting ministries

Communications Team

Coordinate all activities that involve communicating Bethany’s ministries and invitations to the local community and church at large.

  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Church Newsletter
  • Flyers, publications, and neighborhood newsletters
  • Review and enhance the Bethany website; seek contributions of announcements, photos, etc.; keep the website up to date.
  • ArchivesPreserve and celebrate Bethany’s history.


Creates a sense of ownership, excitement, and urgency for outreach through missions and social witness.

  • Missions Ministry
  • Church & Society Ministry

Worship Ministry

  • Envision, prepare, and bring to life meaningful and exciting worship experiences.
  • Coordinate worship volunteers, including ushers, liturgists, acolytes, AV techs, communion preparers
  • Support worship arts, including music and drama
  • Set sacred space through visual arts
  • Prepare for special seasons (e.g., Christmas & Easter)