New Community Shelter Mission

An ongoing mission of Bethany United Methodist Church is to prepare and serve a luncheon at the Shelter the second Saturday of each month.  Volunteers simply prepare and serve soup and sandwiches.  There are no dishes to do or other cleanup involved.  A sign-up sheet for volunteers is available at the church.  For each meal there is an experienced supervisor in charge – so don’t worry if you have never done this before.

 Can you donate 2-3 hours on a Saturday to feed the hungry?

History of the NEW Community Shelter

The New Community Shelter was founded in 1994 to help the homeless and the hungry, and has evolved to become one of the most respected shelters in the State of Wisconsin.  The New Community Shelter is the only Emergency Shelter in Brown County open year-round that serves homeless adult men and women.

The New Community Shelter has three primary responsibilities to the community.  First, it is an Emergency Shelter for adults with a mission to provide shelter, case management, education and many supportive services. Not only does the Shelter help a person become self-sufficient, it also addresses individual issues that caused a person to become homeless in the first place.  The Shelter is a zero-tolerance facility with rules and expectations, and operates in an atmosphere of respect.  There are expectations and people are held accountable, all in an effort to help them help themselves.

In addition to the Emergency Shelter Program, there is a Transitional Living Program.  Individuals can work their way into this program from the Emergency Shelter Program, allowing them more time to transition from homelessness to self-sufficient.  This program is excellent for people with a history of evictions, addiction issues, or just more time obtain things they need and additional case management until they are ready.  There are 20 apartments, four of which are dedicated to serve homeless veterans.

Thirdly, there is a Community Meal Program that serves any children and adults from the community that are hungry.  Dinner is served 365 days a year and lunch every weekend and all holidays.  The only stipulation is that participants, most of whom do not live at the shelter, are peaceful and sober when they come for a meal.  If they are not, they are given a bag lunch and are asked to try again tomorrow.