Sunday School Begins September 12 at 9:15 am

 Blast Off With Us!

We are excited this fall as we are on a new adventure to grow in our faith!  
We are on a mission to inspire, explore, and use new tools to help us see God working in our world!  
I wonder… what do legos have to do with God?  I wonder why… God made me?  
I wonder… how come I have to love my brother when he is mean?  
We begin the year with wondering ... why God made each of us unique and what makes each of special in this world.
Bethany Church thanks you for making the decision to help your child/ren grow in faith, experience teamwork, and learn to care for others by participating in the Sunday School adventure!
We look forward to seeing you in our all new Glow Room!!!  Do you like to dance?
We also offer registration on September 12th when you arrive .

Ms. Cora's Special Time For Our Children

Ms. Cora has been sharing special message for our young believers each week for the past year!  If you missed any of these messages, we have put some of them together here for you watch!  
Watch to find out what two special friends help Cora each week share these special talks!