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Bethany's Outreach 

Thank you for continuing to support Bethany’s missions during these trying times.  
The need is so very real and here’s some things that I can report.   By Ron Vinger

 Kingdom Come Food Pantry has a refrigerated trailer on its lot which contains pallets of boxed food.  These boxes are provided by the United States Department of Agriculture [USDA].  Each box contains food for a family of four for a week.  Not all the food a family would require but it proves to be a valuable assistance to many.  The food purchased by USDA also kept the food supply chain which had been totally disrupted by the closure of schools and restaurants intact.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, poultry, vegetables had to go someplace and USDA’s purchase kept the industry afloat while providing these necessary foodstuffs to a public in need.
Kingdom Come distributes between 530 to 600 of these boxes on every Tuesday of every week as well as the normal draw upon its own supplies.  There is no guarantee that the USDA can or will provide this supplement in the future.  It’s only rumored that it will continue through September.  That is subject to many conditions.

 Feeding America is a contracted agency for the distribution of USDA supplies as well.  On Wednesday mornings, volunteers distribute from a refrigerated trailer, pallets of these boxes to a conga line of autos that snakes across three parking lots at NWTC.  Approximately 1,000 boxes are distributed in an hour and a half.

 So, here’s the big “what if”.  What if this food all goes away?  What if the USDA can no longer continue to fund this?  What if we are suddenly faced with thousands of hungry?  We can begin to create a buffer.  Not a stockpile but a bridge of food.
We could use:  Soups of all kinds, shapes, or description, spaghetti-o’s, beefaroni, pasta & sauce, cans of tuna or chicken, macaroni and cheese, instant rice, and pork & beans.

 Items can be dropped off at Bethany Church by appointment only.  Call 920-494-8801,
or to schedule a time.